Our Cello Lessons

For our students learning cello for the first time, we will generally introduce the student to the instrument and to start being familiar with its parts and sound. We will introduce how to sit with the instrument and the proper way to hold the instrument and the bow.

Throughout your musical journey, your cello lessons involve training proper intonation and bowing and fingering technique to create a beautiful, vibrant tone and ease of movement.

About the Cello

The Cello or the Violoncello is a stringed instrument as is the third member of the violin family, including the violin, viola and double bass. The cello mainly uses the bass clef for its notation, but can use the tenor or treble clef for notes at a higher pitch.

What age can I start learning the Cello?

Students as young as 5 years of age have started to learn the cello at the Cantabile School of Music. As playing a stringed instrument can be physiologically demanding, it would be best for younger children who wish to learn the cello to have an Introductory Lesson to see whether they are at the appropriate age to start.

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