Student Enrolment Application

1. Attendance
If a student arrives late to their scheduled lesson, the lesson will end at the usual time. If in the event a Teacher is late to the lesson, loss of lesson time will be made up.

2. Payment Policies and Procedure
All music lessons are booked on a term-by-term basis and cannot be transferred to another student.

● Fees will be calculated according to the number of weeks (lessons) per term. Public holidays will be excluded from the fees so no extra charge will be made and the fees worked out accordingly.

Fees are to be paid in the following method:
● Invoices for payment will be issued via a nominated email and will be required to be paid in full by the end of the term for the subsequent term. This invoice can be paid via Credit Card or Bank Transfer. Details for bank transfers are outlined on the invoice.

Any amendments to the invoice must be made before the due date.

Invoices not paid by the due date will be subject to having their lesson time be made available for another student.

3. Cancellation and Makeup Lessons (Private Lesson Students)
We require at least 24 hours notice for all cancellations of lessons. If students have to cancel their normal scheduled lesson and sufficient notice is provided, students are offered a maximum of two (2) makeup credits per term. Makeup credits do not roll over to the subsequent term. We do not refund any missed/cancelled lessons.

Note: The scheduling of makeup lessons will be based on the mutual availability between the teacher and student, and are scheduled as either of the following: during the school holiday period that follows the school term, as an extra lesson during the week or an extension of lesson time if scheduling permits.

If the student misses the makeup lesson it cannot be rescheduled or refunded.

To cancel a lesson, please complete a student absence form:

If in the event the teacher has to cancel or miss the normal scheduled lesson, every effort will be
made to arrange a substitute teacher. If in the event this cannot be arranged, and a makeup credit or a refund or credit will only be provided upon written confirmation by the teacher.

Please note excessive cancellation of lessons may jeopardise the student’s allocated lesson with their teacher.

4. Cancellation and Makeup Lessons (Group Lesson Students)
We do not provide make-up lessons for group lessons.

5. Discontinuing lessons
Students are considered an ongoing enrolment unless a Withdrawal Form is received. To discontinue lessons and all subsequent charges, a withdrawal form must be submitted.

A withdrawal form can be found at:

Verbal notice given to the teacher will not be acted upon and is not considered sufficient notice unless a withdrawal form is submitted.

Upon submission of the withdrawal form, lessons will cease for the following term. Any lessons for the remainder of the term will not be refunded regardless of attendance.

We strongly advise students to engage in music lessons for at least one term before assessing their suitability.

6. Tuition timetable
The School follows the term dates of the Victorian State School timetable. Please refer to our term dates to see how many weeks (lessons) are in each term. Note that the number of weeks/lessons in each term may differ according to the day chosen for your music lesson.

7. School Holidays
The school is open during the school holidays with the exception of a two-week closure at the end of the year and public holidays. Music lessons during the school holidays are optional and will be paid separately to the term fee payment. This payment should be made upfront at least or within one week prior to the school holiday period commencing. Fees in the school holiday period are prorated. No makeups or refunds will be issued for any missed or cancelled lesson scheduled for the school holidays.

8. Care of Students
The school is not responsible for providing before or after class care for any students. Students under the age of eight should not be left unattended at any time on school premises. Students are expected to follow a code of behaviour at all times while on such premises. Damage to any property of such premises or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated and the student will be subject to dismissal from the program without refund.

9. Open Door Policy
Parents are always allowed to sit in on lessons. No classroom door is ever locked.

10. Injuries
Parents, legal guardians and all students waive their right to any legal action of any injury sustained on school property resulting from normal lesson activity, or any other activity conducted by the student or their siblings before, during or after lessons. This includes hearing loss or hearing damage. The School is not responsible for any damage caused to vehicles or items stolen from vehicles.

Please view and download our School Policies here - School Policies and Procedures
The Cantabile School of Music hires a photographer to take photos of our students at student recitals and events. If you allow permission for the School to display their photo or video for the explicit use of our school, please agree to image and video/audio recording waiver.