What are your Group Piano Lessons like?

Students in our Group Piano Lessons have found home practice to be much easier, and hence it helps them enjoy their music as they move through the material faster.

The format of this program is designed so students develop the skills required for an independence in their musical learning by having the opportunity to work on the music themselves. As a result, the students learn to develop the skills necessary to successfully learn the music at a faster pace.

Piano Plus combines the use of a traditional curriculum for independent musical learning, and group based activities for musicianship and collaboration.

The Piano Plus Curriculum

Piano Adventures Series is an innovative and exciting method series that lays firm foundations for students to progress in their musical journeys.

Your child will learn music theory— analyse musical patterns, harmonies, rhythm.

Your child will improvise— create melodies with the teacher.

Your child will learn artistry— express dynamic sound with piano technique.

Students who reach Level 2B are able to begin preparing for Music Examinations such as the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board) if they wish to do so. 

Each class will have a maximum of 4 students

Each class will run for 60 minutes. There is a transition period between classes to allow for time for the teacher to speak to parents.

Yes – as the class is generally longer than a private music lesson, the teacher will still have individual time with each student.

The format of the group class allows for social learning, but promotes our students to learn more independently on their music.

The Piano Adventures Series will be the core curriculum of the class. This will be in combination with other group activities, ensemble playing and performing.

Students ages 6-12 years old are suited for our Piano Plus classes.

This class best suits students who are new to piano or working on a ‘method book’ level in their learning.

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