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August Newsletter 2018

All About August!

We’ve had a productive and busy time in August, with music lessons and exams underway!

This month’s newsletter features updates on the school’s student report system, as well as performance opportunities and recognition of student achievements.

Looking forward to finishing the school term with more great music learning and appreciation!

Welcome to our new students!

Our sincerest thank you and warmest welcome to the students who enrolled in the month of July and August:

Grace J. (Cello / Piano)

Zenith F. (Piano)

Adrianna K. (Voice)

Freya B. (Voice)

Echo T. (Piano)

Howard L. (Piano)

Silan L. (Violin)

Anna W. (Piano)

Chloe W. (Piano)

You L. (Violin)

Zoe C. (Piano)

Tara K. (Guitar)

Olivia H. (Violin)

Gayan Dan F. (Violin)

Daniel L. (Guitar)

Ohmkaaran K. (Piano)

Jianhan L. (Violin)

Dai Z. (Music Fun Time)

Grae W. (Theory)

Kulunu P. (Violin / Voice)

Joshua W. (Cello)

Christian Y. (Piano)

Gesandu S. (Voice)

Emily W. (Piano)

Sofia A. (Voice)

Tiffany D. (Piano)

Pranav S. (Piano)

Matt Y. (Piano)

Jensen L. (Music Fun Time)

Tessa L. (Music Fun Time)

Silvy M. (Piano)

Amelly C. (Theory)

Elaine C. (Piano)

Aabshaar A. (Piano)

Melody C. (Piano)

Weiming W. (Piano)

Ashley J. (Piano)

Hong J. (Piano)

Ananya P. (Music Fun Time)

Chloe Q. (Piano)

Important Dates


Monday, 16th July 2018 –

Friday, 21st September 2018


Sunday, 9th September 2018


Matinée @ Estia Health

DATE: Saturday, 22nd September 2018

TIME: 10:30AM

VENUE: Estia Health, Glen Waverley

Students at Cantabile School of Music have been asked to run a matinée (morning performance) at an aged care located near the school.

It would be a great opportunity for students who are wanting performance experience, especially for those who are preparing for an exam toward the end of the year to present a solo repertoire in front of a mature and friendly audience.

We are also recruiting a smaller number of students to prepare a short speech presentation either on their instrument and/or on their chosen repertoire for this matinée.

There are limited spots available for students interested in participating in this inaugural visit, please register your interest with the front desk

Teacher Spotlight: Matthew

Get to know some of our lovely teachers here at Cantabile!

Matthew, Violin

How long have you been playing the violin and why did you pick it up?

I’ve been playing the violin for almost 25 years. I picked it up because my older brother started learning it first. Being the copycat younger brother that I was, I wanted to try it as well and ended up still playing it to this very day, and most likely for the rest of my life.

What do you like the most about your instrument?

The violin is an amazingly expressive instrument. It allows you to sing through it, conveying all types of emotions, feeling and the ability to play different styles of music is tremendous.

What do you like the most about teaching at Cantabile?

I love being able to teach in an environment where music can be very personal to each and every student. It’s so good to be in a community where students and parents treat music with such high value and regard.

Quick advice for students:

Remember to learn your instrument in a healthy way. It’s normal that sometimes you’ll enjoy it and sometimes you won’t – it’s all part of the process and the experience of learning an instrument. It’s what makes it so wonderful.

I love that learning an instrument not only teaches you to have patience(which is very important), but it also teaches you to have persistence. Persistence means you continue to try in spite of its difficulty or challenge – and playing an instrument is indeed a challenge. However this is one of the greatest virtues that playing an instrument can teach you.

Term Reports and Parent-Teacher Meetings


We are glad to begin implementing termly student reports as of Term 3 2018. Reports are a great way to inform the child’s parents of his or her progress during the school term. It’s also a way for the student to reflect on their progress and even to set goals for the next term.

Evaluations in the report will encompass student behaviour, punctuality, attitude towards lessons, and also musical aspects such as their technique, aural and sight reading ability etc.

These will be provided by the 2nd last week of each term.


In the final week of term lessons, we also to encourage the parents and give them the opportunity to be present in that last lesson for the term.

Half of or the entire lesson time will dedicated for the parents to speak to the teacher as necessary or desired.

This time can be used to discuss the student’s progress and also be updated on anything important in regards to the student’s learning (such as areas of improvement, music examinations etc.)

Student reports can be used as a reference for discussion.

This is an optional feature for the parents but we would encourage the involvement and support in a student’s learning.


Music Ladder

Congratulations to a few of our students who received their Music Ladder trophies this month! Good job to Milan, Caitlin and Kevin (and all the other students who achieved their music goals this term).

Keep up the hard work!


Mount Waverley Rotary Club Village Market

The Mount Waverley Rotary Club runs a village market every 2nd Sunday of the month from 9am-2pm at Hamilton Place at the Mount Waverley Village Shopping Centre.

Students at our school have been invited to perform for at the market – if you are interested in playing music for the local community, please let your teacher or the front desk know. The next market after our school’s Winter Concert is on the 9th September 2018!

The outdoor market also features local stallholders, with lots of home-grown and hand-crafted goods – a perfect local location for a small day out with the family.

DATE: (2nd Sunday of Month): 9 SEPTEMBER 2018



Featured Activity for Kids

It is NOW time to show case your child to the world in the most Prestigious ‘Genius Junior Spectacle’ show of the year.

Would you like your child to improve stage confidence and public speaking skills?

Would you like to showcase your child’s talent to the rest of the world?

If you have answered YES to the above question, then look no further and Apply NOW for the initial screening to be part of a ‘Genius Junior Spectacle’ of the year.

To Enrol, text your full name, category, gender, age, email id and community to 0451120246 and get instant details regarding the event.

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