Learning Music in a Healthy Way

Welcome to the Cantabile School of Music, where we are dedicated to providing our students with the most comprehensive and motivational music education.

We do this by helping our students find meaning in the music they learn – to be able to read, listen and enjoy the music they play. As a result, our students become excellent musicians and enjoy what they do.

More so, we have created an environment for our students that is active, caring, and supportive, where your child will feel encouraged and inspired to explore their love of classical music. Our community events throughout the year provide a space for students to connect with other like-minded individuals.

Serving the Community in Music Education

We feel deeply honored to receive recognition and acknowledgement for the positive impact our music education programs are creating in the Monash area and for the transformative effect they are having on people’s lives. We are committed to constantly improving and refining our music education offerings and to supporting music education not just in City of Monash but also in the broader community.

“From a father who is totally music illiterate but absolutely thrilled to see how Cantabile is transforming the life of my children through music. Thanks for your hard work.”

• Nalean (dad)

Great school with passionate teachers and the staff are all very friendly. My daughter has been learning piano for a year and a half now and has made a lot of progress. We are very happy with the school and their communications and would highly recommend it.

• Summer (mum)

Both our kids go to Cantabile School of Music. They both have grown so much in their music skills. The staff are so friendly and they take a great interest in the child’s development and make their music learning journey fun and interesting. We highly recommend Cantabile School of Music for all those music maestros keen to learn whatever instrument they would like. You will not regret it.

• Rehan (dad)

“My son has been learning the piano for a total of five years. We have had several teachers but by far have found Cantabile is the best. It has really been the support and encouragement from his teacher at Cantabile that he has made it this far! I have nothing but kind words for the team at Cantabile, they have nurtured a warm safe and loving environment for my son to enjoy music.”

• Shirley (mum)

“My brothers and I have been learning music in Cantabile School of Music for almost five years now. Every single lessons with our amazing teachers are fantastic and enjoyable and it defiantly builds up our skills as we progress. We love Cantabile School of Music for they pulled us into the open world of music and helped us with finding the reasons to why we play an instrument. (reasons other than the obvious one called ‘parents’)”

• Esther (student)

I have learnt at numerous music schools, and Cantabile is by far the best one. Not only are students taught how to play an instrument to a high standard, they are also taught to love music and what they play. The teachers create a warm, friendly, and inviting environment that encourages, supports, and inspires students to master their craft and work hard.

• Isabelle (student)

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