What is Music Theory?

Learning Music Theory is understanding the language of music. Music Theory is an essential part of learning any instrument as it helps us to understand the music we learn and play.

Why Learn Music Theory?

If we were to learn any language, being able to speak the language is one aspect, but being able to read, write and understand the language is another. As music is a language in itself, learning music theory helps us to understand the mechanics of this language. It helps us to be able to read the music we play, and to communicate it effectively in the way we play it.

Music Examination Boards such as the AMEB or ABRSM also offer examinations in Music Theory. When reaching a certain practical grade on your instrument, please note that passing a music theory examination becomes a prerequisite for completing the grade.

Music Theory Lessons at Cantabile

Basic Music Theory is always incorporated into our music lessons. Students can choose to have a separate private lesson for Music Theory when the content becomes more difficult. This is especially for students that are preparing for their practical music examinations, as Music Theory becomes a prerequisite for certain grades.

Holiday Music Theory Programs

During the year, our school runs Music Theory classes during the school holidays for students to learn Music Theory in a group environment. We have a variety of classes that are suitable for different ages and levels.

Music Theory classes that run over the school holidays include:

  • Beginner Theory Class – an introduction to music theory (suitable for younger children)
  • AMEB Music Theory Grade 1
  • AMEB Music Theory Grade 2
  • AMEB Music Theory Grade 3
  • AMEB Music Theory Grade 4 (coming soon)

Music Theory Programs that cover examination material are intensive programs, designed to cover all exam material for the corresponding grade during the school holiday period.