cantabile [kahn-ta-bileh] meaning “singable” or “song-like”.

About Our Music School

The Cantabile School of Music is a music school for students to develop a lifelong love and interest for music. Our students are taught in a healthy and balanced approach, allowing their own individuality and goals to be realised, expressed and fulfilled.

A significant part of our teaching is to give meaning and purpose behind the music we learn and play. We achieve this ensuring our students learn in a supportive, nurturing and caring environment. The music education we provide equips our students with a well-balanced musicianship, and allows them to achieve their personal musical goals and provides them future opportunities. It lets them discover their own musical paths as musicians that can eventually lead to musical success.

Our Mission and Goal

The Cantabile School of Music is dedicated to providing the most comprehensive and motivational music teaching. We believe in a healthy way to deliver music education, and our aim is to create a musical community that is active, caring and supportive. We believe students thrive in musical ability not only in private music lessons, but even more as a community.

Our music school’s staff and faculty all have these values at heart:

  1. To guide the student in how to love, respect and appreciate what music can do for themselves or for other people.
  2. To give students the understanding of how valuable music can become in all aspects of their lives, no matter what their future holds
  3. To teach and share their passion of music to students, in a manner that is relevant, meaningful and memorable.