Comprehensive Music Education

No matter which instrument you choose, our school provides you with a comprehensive and extensive music education. Our school offers music lessons for a variety of musical instruments such as piano, violin, viola, cello, guitar, flute, and music theory. We primarily focus on teaching classical music, as well as other musical genres.

Our aim is to always provide an enjoyable, motivating and healthy way of learning in your private music lessons. We make it a priority to get to know you on a personal level and to become familiar with your personal musical needs and goals in order to achieve them.

Our Music Teachers

You can’t have high quality music lessons without high quality music teachers. Our music teachers are all tertiary qualified from renowned universities and possess a high level of musical certification. All teachers have undergone extensive interviews and background checks to be qualified to join our music faculty.

Just because a teacher is highly qualified in music, does not guarantee they can teach. This is why we assess our teachers based on their warm personalities and ability to work with children.

All our teachers are passionate and work well with young children and great role models for our students at our school.

Take a glimpse into each teacher’s background here.

Performance Opportunities

Perhaps it’s been your dream to perform on stage. Many parents also love to see their children perform. During the year, our school hosts a variety of music performance opportunities for our students to gain confidence, performing experience and stage presence.

Amongst these performance opportunities, many of our students participate in our bi-annual Student Recitals, which are usually held during June and November. Our Student Recitals are held at the school, or at prestigious locations such as the Ewing Memorial Uniting Church in East Malvern.

Music Examinations

Every year, many of our students undertake Music Examinations in Examination Boards such as the Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB), the Associate Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) and Trinity College London.

Students at our school consistently achieve high scores for their examinations as they are always granted opportunities to achieve excellency in their music.

Preparing for music examinations require a certain level of criteria and commitment. Therefore a combination of high quality and experienced teaching, close monitoring of progress, performance opportunities and student resources are available to help our students.

Workshops and Masterclasses

Our in-house performance room grants us opportunities to host a variety of workshops, recitals and masterclasses at our school. Performance Workshops are held throughout the year and cover a different variety of topics and settings and targeted for different age groups and levels. It gives a brilliant opportunity for students to interact and collaborate with other musicians, as well as give them the opportunity to learn by observing other students.

Our Community

This is an essential benefit of learning at a Music School. Students are often more motivated by observing other students learn in a professional music school environment. When students play for each other in preparation for recitals and for class performances, there is a sense of purpose in being prepared for their class.

Students are often more observant than assumed – especially young children. Even just sitting and waiting for their lesson to begin, the students see and hear others coming and going and get caught up in the energy of the professional environment.

“We have been a part of the Cantabile family for the past 7 years and the knowledge my kids have gained is enormous. The school has excellent teachers who give personal attention to each student. They prepare them for every stage of the exam. They share techniques as to how the child can practice at home. Just not the teachers , the staff at the reception are so helpful and co-operative that one can approach them for any reason and they make it a point that come back to you with a solution.”

• Padma

“I have learnt at numerous music schools, and Cantabile is by far the best one. Not only are students taught how to play an instrument to a high standard, they are also taught to love music and what they play. The teachers create a warm, friendly, and inviting environment that encourages, supports, and inspires students to master their craft and work hard.”

• Isabelle

“My name is Stephanie and I’ve played the violin for about 8 years now. Before receiving lessons from Matthew, I had many trial lessons with multiple teachers, and I can honestly say that I have improved my violin playing and understanding of music the most from taking lessons with him. “

• Stephanie
“Matthew showed me how fun music is and helped me play ‘musical music’ rather than playing what’s just ‘in front of me’. Thanks to him, exams so far have been successful. I enjoy every lesson with him. Matthew is, and will be, the best violin teacher ever!”
• Esther
“Matthew taught me so well from the beginning and helped me get through all the exams. I am still looking forward to what he will teach next.”
• David

“Matthew is a very passionate and enthusiastic teacher. He is encouraging and helpful. He’s always trying to push me on so I can do my best.”

• Evelyn

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