Violin Lessons at Cantabile

Being the smallest instrument and highest sounding member of the stringed family, it is with reason this instrument is one of the most popular instruments played in the world today. Its beautiful tone is but just one of its rewarding experiences. The violin is an ideal first instrument for anybody looking to take their first step to becoming a musician. It can be played solo, in an ensemble or in an orchestra which is an enjoyable way to build confidence, teamwork and discipline skills.

Little girl piano students

What age is best to start learning violin?

Children as young as 5 years of old can start to begin learning the violin. Some children can start learning younger but this may depend on their physical capabilities, as well as their attention and awareness. Learning the violin can be considered a little more physically demanding, as it can be a little difficult for some in the initial stages. It is important the child receives significant encouragement and support, especially in the early stages of learning.

What do you teach in your violin lessons?

Since learning the violin can be a test of patience in the initial stages, we want to ensure students always feel encouraged and supported through their learning. It is important we choose the appropriate materials that suit the child if they are a beginner. Here are some examples of books and materials we use:

  • Fiddle Time Series – Joggers, Runners and Sprinters
  • All for Strings – for Violin
  • Abracadabra Violin Series
  • Suzuki Violin Series

Many of our students go on to using the AMEB Violin Series or ABRSM Violin books to continue their progress and playing.

Do I need a violin to start violin lessons?

It’s great if you already have your own violin before starting lessons at the Cantabile School of Music. However if you’re just starting out and do not have an instrument yet, don’t worry. We have violins at the school in a variety of sizes for you to borrow for your first lesson.

After your trial we can introduce you to some recommended places for you to purchase or rent your own violin. It is important that you find a violin that is the right size and of good quality, to make sure your learning of the instrument is an enjoyable experience.

If you need help finding the right sized violin for you, please check out this guide: Find the right sized violin for you.

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