Are you a music teacher looking to join a community of other like-minded music teachers, who are dedicated and passionate about music education?

The Cantabile School of Music is looking for music teachers who:

  • Love to work with young people and children

  • Shares a love for classical music and the instrument they play

  • Would love to work with a community of other like-minded, passionate and dedicated music teachers

  • Continually want to better themselves as a music educator and are willing to learn from others

The Cantabile School of Music is always looking for like-minded music teachers who share our mission statement and purpose:

  1. To guide the student in how to love, respect and appreciate what music can do for themselves or for other people.
  2. To give students the understanding of how valuable music can become in all aspects of their lives, no matter what their future holds
  3. To teach and share their passion of music to students, in a manner that is relevant, meaningful and memorable.

If you resonate with our mission statement in regards to music education, please see below for a list of current availabilities for teaching positions at our school.

Interest to apply for any other instrumental teaching position not listed below are also welcome but may be considered at a later time.

Teach music in an environment where you always feel supported.

Why Teachers Choose to Work at Cantabile:

  • We take care of your administrative needs – including scheduling, billing, marketing, make up lessons and other policies – so that you don’t have to! This leaves your focus devoted to your teaching of the students.

  • Our Online Management System – this is an online portal we provide access for our teachers. This keeps you organised with your schedule, teaching resources and any other communication between the school, students and parents.

  • Teaching Resources and Support – We support all our teachers in their teaching work and provide a library resources for you to use. Regardless if you are a new or experienced teacher, our priority is to always ensure you feel guided and supported.

  • Performance Opportunities – although we provide a variety of performance opportunities for our students, we also provide opportunities for our teachers to perform as well. Many of our teachers are professional performers or studying music courses, and find these opportunities helpful to build their performance experience.

  • Full-time or part-time opportunities – if you are looking for a stable and consistent work as a music teacher, we offer our teachers permanent part-time or full-time positions as employees. This provides many benefits in the case of applying for a loan, home mortgage, or other applications which look more favourably upon a consistent employee job, as opposed to a sub-contractor position.

  • Privacy Protection – all teachers’ personal information are kept private and confidential. You will never be asked to reveal your contact information to any of our students and parents.

“Being a teacher at Cantabile means working with a group of positive and professional teachers and staff. The organisation and support of the administration allows teachers to wholly focus on their teaching in the classroom.

All the teachers want to provide the best quality of lessons for the students at Cantabile, and observing them during my training taught me so much about being a teacher. It brings me joy to watch the students’ progress in their musical journeys and reach milestones. The teacher culture at the school makes it so enjoyable to teach.”

Esha Zhang (Piano Teacher)

Please see a list of current available job opportunities:

  • Piano Teacher  (students at a beginner level and/or examination students AMEB Preliminary to Grade 4)
  • Violin Teacher (students at beginner level and/or examination students AMEB Preliminary to Grade 4)
  • Viola Teacher (students at beginner level and/or examination students AMEB Preliminary to Grade 4)
  • Cello Teacher (students at beginner level and/or examination students AMEB Preliminary to Grade 4)

Please note: Candidates who desire to teach examination students must demonstrate previous experience in preparing students for music examinations.


Our teaching times are normally at:

Monday to Friday – 3:00pm to 8:00pm
Saturday – 9:30am to 5:00pm

Candidates are to inform us what days and times they are available to teach. Candidates with more availability will be considered favourable.

Yes you can. As long as you are eligible for a WWC you can still apply for a teaching position.

All teachers do require to have a valid WWC, so it would be recommended to be in the process of applying for one if you wish to work with young children.

Yes you can. As long as you have the right qualities as a teacher, an openness to learning and a passion for music education, these are the first steps of a successful path to music teaching. We pride ourselves in the training and development of our teachers, to equip them with what they need to deliver music lessons at a high standard.

If you wish to apply for a teaching position at our school, please do the following:

  • Complete a form either as a ‘New Teacher’ or ‘Experienced Teacher’
  • Send a copy of your Resume and TWO references to us at
  • Please note that applications without a resume and two references will not be considered

Ready to begin your application process?

If you are brand new to teaching music, but wish to start your music teaching career.

If you have already had at least one year of teaching experience on your instrument, apply here.