Our school provides these programs as a framework for each student to have clarity in their direction and progression in their musical learning.

Foundations Program (Ages 7 -12)

When starting to learn an instrument, it is important for students to have an engaging experience and to build a strong foundation in their musical learning.

Our students in this program are guided through a progressive learning experience, with a curriculum based on the use of a prescribed method book depending on their instrument. Students above the age of 12 will utilise a method book specifically for older beginner students.

This is cultivated through a combination of their own private music lesson, participating in our school concerts and other events, and utilising our school’s Music Maestro program. As the student develops these fundamentals, they are considered graduated as they reach a level ready to begin music exam preparation if they choose to do so.

  • Laying a strong and healthy foundation in musical learning for further development.
  • Forming productive habits in their practice and understanding of music.
  • Developing their musical interest and creativity.
  • Students are provided the opportunity and are encouraged to perform.
  • To be able to begin preparation of Music Examinations should the student desire to do so.
  • Paced but structured approach to learning – importance of direction and goal-orientated learning in the student’s progress.
  • Parents are highly encouraged to be involved and to participate in the student’s learning through this program.

Students in our Piano Plus program have found home practice to be much easier, and progressing through their material at a faster pace. The lesson structure and format allows them to develop the fundamental skills and abilities to learn their music and to work through their music more independently.

The format of this program is designed so students develop the skills required for an independence in their musical learning. With the guidance of a teacher they are encouraged to form good practice habits and to work on their material during the lesson time. As a result, we see students regularly complete the method book material at a faster pace.

Please note: This program is for Piano students only

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  • Solves the issues and challenges with practice that many students and parents face.
  • Home practice for students will become easier
  • Students are encouraged and taught to work more independently in their musical learning
  • Students will complete their method books and materials at a faster rate
  • Students develop fundamental skills and knowledge to progress well in their musical learning

Academic Program (Ages 7 and above)

This program is designed for students who wish to pursue their learning of music on an academic level, through the preparation and completion of music examinations, or to meet specific requirements for academic purposes. The core curriculum for this program involves the use of syllabi from reputable music examination boards, such as the AMEB (Australian Music Examinations Board), the ABRSM (Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music) or the Trinity Music Examination Board.

Our students in this program are able to maintain an excellent standard of achievement by the understanding of higher expectations in their practice and learning. These students are given opportunities to perform and observe our masterclasses, and be encouraged to participate in other extra curricular classes such as our Music Theory programs.

  • To attain a standard of excellence and proficiency on the instrument by adhering to the criteria for each music examination grade.
  • To attain certification and qualification that is academically recognised and respected.
  • To gain experience undertaking practical examinations in a live or video setting.
  • Opportunities to participate in our masterclasses and workshops. It provides our students a chance to observe their peers and to learn from one another.
  • Opportunities for performance is highly encouraged
  • Students level of musicianship is recognised at an academic level of achievement.

Music for Adults Program (Ages 18 and above)

This program is dedicated to our adult students, who are all diverse in their ability and background. We tailor this program specifically to each individual’s need, but form a structure to their lessons to allow them to reach their goals. Whether you are picking up on your music again, or never had the opportunity to have music lessons when growing up, our adult students have all said that learning an instrument now has become one of the most rewarding experiences in their lives. The willingness and passion to play and practice are significant factors to learning a musical instrument. Most of all, you will not regret it.

  • To make the learning experience comfortable and enjoyable. Our priority is to make sure adult students feel at ease in their learning
  • To devise a structure and framework tailored according to the needs of each individual
  • Prescribed material used are books with adult learners in mind
  • To equip our students with the proficiency and knowledge on the instrument according to their commitment of time
  • Music examination preparation are also offered to our adult students if they wish to do so
  • Our school offers concerts for only our adult students to perform or attend. This is to create a comfortable and supportive atmosphere for our adult students to perform if they wish to do so.

Music for Leisure Program (Ages 6 and above)

Our Music for Leisure program is a more “relaxed” version of our music programs. Its focus is primarily in the learning of repertoire and music, and encourages students to explore music of a variety of genres. Technical components are still learnt, but not as heavily done. This program is recommended for students who may have time constraints in their practice, or solely wish to learn their music as a hobby or for leisure.

AMEB have “Music for Leisure” examinations that cater to students who suit this style of learning and also want to be accredited for their achievements.

  • To make the learning experience comfortable and enjoyable. Our priority is to make sure the pace of learning is according to each individual student.
  • To devise a structure and framework tailored according to the needs of each individual
  • To explore a more diverse variety of musical genres and styles
  • To equip our students with the proficiency and knowledge on the instrument according to their commitment of time