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January and February
Newsletter 2018

Welcome Back!

We hope that all of you had a wonderful break, but still had the chance to keep in touch with your instruments!

We had a fantastic year in 2017 with so many new students and we’re so excited for what 2018 has in store for Cantabile. Lessons are already underway and we’d like to welcome you if you are new to our school!

We’re already planning the year ahead full of new events and activities for our students. Keep a lookout for any news so you don’t miss out on any of these events!


Welcome to our new students!

Our sincerest thank you and warmest welcome to the students who enrolled over November 2017 to January 2018:

Jaylyn C. (Piano)
Daphne Z. (Piano)
Ruoting C. (Piano)
Emma T. (Piano)
Chloe C. (Piano)
Eric X. (Violin)
Geoffrey H. (Guitar)
Kenji A.  (Violin)
Tomas J. (Violin)
Dhruv S. (Piano)
Ethan Z. (Piano)
Riya N. (Piano)
Olivia L. (Piano)
Hong P. (Guitar)
Paris D. (Guitar)
Pahanya F. (Piano)
Callum C. (Piano)
Jasmine T. (Piano)
Estelle T. (Voice)
Dean P. (Piano)
Rachel J. (Piano)
Valens C. (Piano)
Paldeep S. (Voice)
Jaime L. (Guitar)

Important Dates

TERM ONE 2018:

29th January – 29th March 2018


DEADLINE:(For the first examination period)

28th February 2018


(School Closed)

Labour Day – 12th March 2018


23rd April – 12th May 2018

Meet Chang Dae Yoo: Cantabile’s Clarinet Teacher

1. What made you want to teach music?

Because I love to share what I know with others and want those others to

feel the joy and love that revolves around music. As much as I value

knowledge and growth – I like to learn alongside my students, and empower

them to learn also.

2. What do you love most about your instrument (clarinet)?

The beautiful look and design of the instrument drew my first attention

also the variety of characteristic this instrument possesses. The simplistic

but amazingly pure and beautiful tone this special instrument can produce

touches the deepest emotions inside.

3. Who is your musical hero?

That will be my past teacher, who shared to me his knowledge and

experience which later became a huge part of my life.

4. What are you most excited about with starting to teach at Cantabile?

I am excited to meet new students and to teach at such a happy and vibrant

environment, where I can share my experience and knowledge.

“(Music) has helped 

me discover and

express hidden 


Music Market Place

If you have an instrument or any

books you’d like to buy or sell, send

your information to us by email or 


It could be anything from pianos to guitars to violins that are no longer the right size. Any music books or examination books that are no longer used.

Our plan is to use this space as a little marketplace for any second-hand instruments or books.

Please feel free to contact us on (03) 9560 3010 or email us at


AMEB Examinations 2018

If you’d like to do your music examination this year, the deadline for the first examination sessions is the 28th of February  2018. The exam period will be from 23rd April – 12th May.

Please speak to your teacher to see if you will be ready to do the examination by April/May! If you would like to enrol, please let the front desk know before the 28th of February. Please do not only let your teacher know.

Entries made after the deadline will be considered a late enrolment and will incur a $30 penalty. Enrolments will no longer be accepted after the one week late period. For more information, visit the AMEB website:


Music Ladder System

The system is an exciting way to further motivate students in their music education. Music Ladder wristbands are being  earned day after day by many students. We are one of the only music schools in Melbourne that gives students the opportunity to earn special coloured wristband bracelets, trophies and certificates for passing musical tests.

The Music Ladder System is our unique method of music education that you can only get here at the Cantabile School of Music!

Ask your teacher or the front desk how you can get started on the Music Ladder!




musical_ladder_update_1015_72 MLS_presentation_final-1_logo2 20160725_133410

Music Ladder wristbands are being earned day after day by many students. We are one of the only music schools in Melbourne that gives students the opportunity to earn special coloured wristband bracelets, trophies and certificates for passing musical tests. The Music Ladder System is our unique method of music education that you can only get here at the Cantabile School of Music!

Music Ladder Success

What would a Cantabile Newsletter be without a dose of happiness from all the students who earned their trophies and wristbands these two months.

Congratulations Reesa for getting your first level Apprentice wristband and certificate! Well done! Reesa learns the piano with teacher Dorota.

Milan was so excited to get his first wristband and was practicing very hard for it. Good job Milan! Milan learns the piano from teacher Michelle.

Congratulations Eunice on getting her first level apprentice wristband! She learns the violin from teacher Matthew.

Well done Meyli on getting your getting your first level apprentice wristband! She learns the piano from teacher Dorota.

3 students Yeshin, Nivedya and Jason have made it up to Songbird level on the Music Ladder! They were all awarded with their songbird trophies, wristband and certificate. Next level up will be the Musician wristband!

We’ve made it even easier to refer a friend to the Cantabile School of Music. Simply head over to:
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If you refer a friend and they register for lessons for at least a month, we will you give you AND your friend a FREE 30 minute lesson. Your free lesson can be used to try a different instrument if you like. There is no maximum of how many free lessons you can receive. Music FunTime students can also refer as well!

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