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October and November
Newsletter 2017


With so much going on at the school these two months, we had to make this month’s newsletter a double month issue! Starting from October, many students were preparing for their AMEB music examinations. 45 students had enrolled to do their AMEB practical examinations in Violin, Piano, Singing, Guitar and Flute.

A hectic month of rehearsals, workshops, master classes (not to mention lots and lots of practicing), all the students overcame their nerves and the dreaded exam conditions. We are all so proud of their achievements!

For a number of students it was their very first time doing a music examination and we are very proud of their achievements!

Congratulations to all following students who have been awarded certificates in their recent AMEB Examinations. We are so proud of all the hard work the students have put into their exams. Well done!


Joey G. (Piano for Leisure – Grade 3)

Ryan L. (Piano – Preliminary)

Jacob Z. (Piano – Preliminary)

Katrina T. (Piano – Grade 2)

Cameron S. (Piano – Grade 2)

Jessi W. (Piano – Grade 2)

Rhiannon P. (Piano – Grade 2)

Alvin L. (Piano – Grade 2)

Vincent K.Q (Piano – Grade 3)

Haoyu C. (Piano – Grade 3)

Kelvin C. (Piano – Grade 3)

Kendrick Y. (Piano – Grade 4)

Sarah M. (Piano – Grade 5)

Laura M. (Piano – Grade 6)

Yuchen Z. (Piano – Grade 8)

Adelle P. (Singing – Grade 2)

Kristie L. (Violin – Grade 1)

Serene K. (Violin – Grade 2)

Aldrich L. (Violin – Grade 2)

Seleena C. (Violin – Grade 2)

Sinha D. (Violin – Grade 2)

Ranuga W. (Violin – Grade 2)

Carol Z. (Violin – Grade 2)

Alice C. (Violin – Grade 2)

Anton K. (Violin – Grade 2)

Hayoung N. (Violin – Grade 3)

Harry C. (Violin – Grade 3)

Irene L. (Violin – Grade 3)

Ashley S. (Violin – Grade 5)

Aaron C. (Violin – Grade 5)

David J. (Violin – Grade 5)

Judy S. (Violin – Grade 5)

Kevin Y. (Violin – Grade 5)

Josiah O. (Violin – Grade 6)

Esther J. (Violin – Grade 6)

Thivina E. (Classical Guitar – Preliminary)

Michael W. (Classical Guitar – Grade 2)

 Sophia C. (Flute – Grade 1)

Jason L. (Cello – Preliminary)

Yueshi S. (Cello – Grade 3)

Maxwell K. (Cello – Grade 3)

Laura M. (Music Theory – Grade 2)

Ting Ting G. (Music Theory – Grade 5)


Important Dates

Melbourne Cup Day: 7th November 2017

School Closed: 24th December 2017 – 7th January 2018


A warm welcome to all our students who enrolled in September and October:

Dylan T. (Voice)
Ranul R. (Saxophone)
Vivian W. (Music Theory)
Keith Y. (Piano)
Wendalyn Y. (Piano)
Nitika D. (Piano)
Levi W. (Ukelele)
Lucas Y. (Piano)
Seth N. (Violin)
Cici L. (Piano)
Lisa Z. (Piano)
Joshua L. (Violin)
Rohan M. (Piano)
Melody K. (Piano)
Anusha T. (Piano)
Tabbita V. (Piano)
Caitlin W. (Violin)
Sean M. (Piano)
Ameer B. (Cello)
Blessful B. (Guitar)
Nikhil D. (Flute)
Nikita D. (Guitar)
Jocelyn L. (Piano)


Exam Masterclass

Had a blast with this lovely bunch! Each student performed for one another and took turns to give valuable
insight to each other’s playing. It was a great way to gain some valuable insight into each student’s approach to exam preparation. We certainly hope to do more classes like this one for next year!


Cantabile Student Recitals 12th November 2017

It was so brilliant to see so many students perform in our end of year student recitals last week! We counted and proud to say that we had 94 students perform on the day to make a tremendous afternoon of beautiful music! Keep an eye out for photos to come out very soon. We will notify all the parents and students when photos will be released and will be sending a Dropbox link to access the photos.

Now that the recitals are all wrapped up for the year, I’d like to invite you to take some time to think and hopefully realise just how amazing the accomplishment every student has made on the day.

Often those of us who are not so musically inclined or never had music lessons as children may overlook the many benefits of performing when we are so focused on the weekly private lessons. So let’s also take a look at the big picture – how does preparing my child for performing benefit him or her?

Discipline and Focus

First, preparing for recitals instills a sense of discipline and focus for our students. Mastering a piece, for some it can take weeks or even months, the learning process takes focus, hard work and much commitment to achieve. They also learn that practice leads to

progress and produces results in their playing. They learn that by doing repetition and ensuring adequate time is required for practice provides an avenue for learning how discipline can lead to success.

Goal Setting and Achievement

With a performance to look forward to, students have a set goals for what they would like to showcase during the performance. Whether it’s a new piece or new technique they have learned, a performance is a wonderful benchmark to strive for. The feeling of accomplishment when they have successfully performed provides a sense of achievement for reaching their goals!

Confidence and Poise

Performing in front of an audience is no easy task! The first recital may seem daunting yet once it’s under their belt, many children can’t wait to perform again. Kids learn how to walk on stage, play with poise, recover from mistakes confidently, and manage any anxieties they may have prior to the performance. They learn good performance etiquette such as bowing after the performance as well as announcing their song or piece before they even begin. Performing builds confidence!

We hope to see you all again, and perhaps many more for the student recitals next year in June!




musical_ladder_update_1015_72 MLS_presentation_final-1_logo2 20160725_133410

Music Ladder wristbands are being earned day after day by many students. We are one of the only music schools in Melbourne that gives students the opportunity to earn special coloured wristband bracelets, trophies and certificates for passing musical tests. The Music Ladder System is our unique method of music education that you can only get here at the Cantabile School of Music!

Music Ladder Success

What would a Cantabile Newsletter be without a dose of happiness from all the students who earned their trophies and wristbands these two months.

Congratulations Reesa for getting your first level Apprentice wristband and certificate! Well done! Reesa learns the piano with teacher Dorota.

Milan was so excited to get his first wristband and was practicing very hard for it. Good job Milan! Milan learns the piano from teacher Michelle.

Congratulations Eunice on getting her first level apprentice wristband! She learns the violin from teacher Matthew.

Well done Meyli on getting your getting your first level apprentice wristband! She learns the piano from teacher Dorota.

3 students Yeshin, Nivedya and Jason have made it up to Songbird level on the Music Ladder! They were all awarded with their songbird trophies, wristband and certificate. Next level up will be the Musician wristband!

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