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September Newsletter 2017

Music Ladder Madness!

We certainly had a record number of trophies, wristbands and certificates to given out this month with many more students at our school getting in and climbing up the music ladder!

It’s certainly well worth to see the smiles (which many of them can’t contain) of the students being rewarded for the hard work they’ve accomplished in their musical learning. Scroll down further to see all the students who got their wristbands and trophies this month!

Our sincerest thank you and warmest welcome to the students who enrolled in May and June:

Joseph B. (Guitar)
Bobby (Guitar)
Eunice N. (Violin)
Fika W. (Violin)
Noah D. (Guitar)
Stella S. (Piano)
Dennis C. (Guitar)
Nikita D. (Guitar)
Tomas J. (Violin)
Hannah T. (Piano)
Joanna C. (Guitar)
Bryan L. (Guitar)
Stefiney Y. (Piano)
Julian T. (Guitar)
Eva (Piano)
Olivia W. (Piano)
Tobey Y. (Piano)

Important Dates:

Grand Final Day
29 September (School closed)

School Term 4 Begins
9th October



Mark your Calendars!
12th of November we are booked to do our next Student Recital at the Ewing Memorial Uniting Church. We look forward to
seeing what songs and pieces the students prepare for our end of year recital!

Student Recital Photos
An e-mail was sent with a Dropbox link to all parents and students to see and download the photos taken during the recitals. For those of you who did not receive it, please notify the front desk and we will send the link to you. 

Videos were also taken but not put into the Dropbox link due to its file size. If you’d like a copy of you or your child’s video performance, please let us know. You may need to bring along a storage device to copy the video. 

Our next Performance Class:
30th September 9:00am to 10:00am
Performance Room
Cantabile School of Music

Violin Masterclass

With the AMEB examinations coming up, we’d like to invite students to come and participate in our violin masterclass presented by teacher and school director, Matthew Cheng.

What happens in a masterclass?

Students who have signed up to perform will have the opportunity to play a piece for the class. Each performer will then receive comments from the teacher on the musical performance, technique, expression and character in context of the AMEB Examination criteria.

How do I sign up to perform?

Please let the front desk know if you would like to perform for this masterclass. For this particular masterclass, we ask that performers be of a minimum standard of Grade 5 AMEB or above.

We will also be giving priority to students wishing to play to those who have their music examinations in October.

Can I come and watch?

Students and parents are more than welcome to attend and observe. Even if you are currently not undertaking music examinations or not yet at a grade 5 AMEB level, it will be a great way to gain insight on what’s required for the AMEB examinations and the standard that is to be expected. It’s also very encouraging to watch other students go through the same or different musical experiences when learning an instrument or doing an exam, and to learn how to overcome these challenges together.


Food and a movie will be had afterwards so come in a join us after the masterclass! Please inform the school if you would like to join so we can order enough pizzas and please let us know of any dietary requirements 🙂


AMEB Examinations

We’re nearing the countdown for 45 of our students to do their AMEB music examination in October!

Please be on the lookout to receive your exam date/time notification, in which you will need to take into your exam. Not all students’ examination dates and times are finalized, so be sure to check in often for your information.



musical_ladder_update_1015_72 MLS_presentation_final-1_logo2 20160725_133410

Music Ladder wristbands are being earned day after day by many students. We are one of the only music schools in Melbourne that gives students the opportunity to earn special coloured wristband bracelets, trophies and certificates for passing musical tests. The Music Ladder System is our unique method of music education that you can only get here at the Cantabile School of Music!

It’s easy to Refer a Friend
We’ve made it even easier to refer a friend to the Cantabile School of Music. Simply head over to:

Fill out your friend’s details and we will take care of the rest!
If you refer a friend and they register for lessons for at least a month, we will you give you AND your friend a FREE 30 minute lesson. Your free lesson can be used to try a different instrument if you like. There is no maximum of how many free lessons you can receive. Music FunTime students can also refer as well!

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