Welcome back to 2021!

After having spent most of 2020 in lockdown, we are excited to welcome all our students into 2021!

Lets take a look back…
Despite the challenges presented by the lockdown, all our students, parents and teachers did a wonderful job cooperating to make the online lessons possible.

There were definitely a lot of lessons learnt from last year. Some of our key takeaways include:

  • The use of technology. We learnt to take advantage of its benefits but also understand its limitations. Although technology in this day and age is incredibly advanced for us to even make online music lessons capable, there really is no replacement for face to face interaction and we really cherish it.
  • Learning to adapt to our situations and not give in to it. Our way of teaching and learning really had to change because of the situation we were in. This lead us to see things from another perspective and to make the most of what we had.
  • Music can exceed and transcend all challenges. No matter how challenging it was for all of us last year, it was tremendously encouraging to see so many students not give up on their learning, and continue to enjoy learning and playing music.

One of our biggest achievements for 2020 is the Christmas Medley Project. We want to extend a big thank you and congratulations to all the students who participated and made the project a success!
You can view the Christmas Medley here.

As we get back into the swing of things this year, we look forward to (and hoping for the best to) hosting student concerts and other activities we can do in person again.

Welcome to our new students this term!

Tessa L. (Piano)
Jordan W. (Cello)
Lucas G. (Piano)
Arthur I. (Piano)
Alisha S. (Piano)
Dev K. (Piano)
Vanessa L. (Violin)
Emily M. (Piano)
Katey L. (Piano)
Syna B. (Piano)
Collins O. (Piano)
Yarahitha A. (Violin)
Pallavi P. (Piano)
Harper Q. (Piano)
Mila B. (Piano)
Sofia S. (Piano)
Ruwini M. (Piano)
Tanesha S. (Piano)
Trisha D. (Piano)
Skye P. (Piano)
Helen M. (Violin)
Jeffrin A. (Piano)
Ava Y. (Piano)
Cassidy C. (Voice)
Artus G. (MFLM)

Liam H. (Violin)
Sebastian S. (Piano)
Olivia Z. (Violin)
Amanda S. (Piano)
Arvind B. (Piano)
Jingwen W. (Piano)
Jayden P. (Piano)
Deanne J. (Piano)
Trina L. (Piano)
Jasmine G. (Piano)
Gordon Q. (Piano)
Noah N. (Piano)
Tanishka A. (Piano)
Shweta S. (Guitar)
Pawani M. (Violin)
Angelynn L. (Piano)
Fiona F. (Voice)
Mia J. (Flute)
Shuling X. (Piano)
Emma L. (Piano)
Parousia S. (Piano)
Kate L. (Piano)
Alexander T. (MFLM)
Christof F. (MFLM)

Caedmon C. (MFLM)

Important Dates
Thursday 28 January – Thursday 1 April 2021
Monday 19 April – Friday 25 JunePUBLIC HOLIDAYS (no lessons)
Good Friday: Friday 2 April
Easter Weekend: Saturday 3 April – Monday 5 April
Queen’s Birthday: Monday 14 JuneAMEB 1ST METROPOLITAN EXAM (Exam entry closed)
Monday 27 April – Sunday 16 MayAMEB 2ND METROPOLITAN EXAM (Exam entry closed)
Monday 17 May – Sunday 6 June

AMEB 3ND METROPOLITAN EXAM (Closing Date 23 April)
Monday 7 June – Wednesday 23 June

NEW! Mount Waverley location Now Open!

Our second campus is located at Level 1, 312 Stephensons Road, Mount Waverley (just opposite Woolworths).

Opening this new location has caused us to reflect upon the music education we provide for our students. We are currently working hard in building and revising the quality of our teaching and curriculum, in order to give our students and parents a clearer progression and learning experience in their music. We will be introducing these new features very soon so stay tuned!

We look forward to seeing new students, working with a new team of great teachers, and filling our new campus with beautiful music!

Note: Some students and parents have asked us about whether they can move over to the new campus. Please check with reception as this will depend on your current teacher.

Our Refer a Friend program is back!
Our newest location at Mount Waverley is well underway and we are excited to see new faces and to work with new members of our team of teachers.
We’d like to invite you to get involved in introducing your friends to all that Cantabile has to offer
If you refer a friend to enrol for music lessons at our Mount Waverley location, you and your friend will both receive a free lesson. There is no limit to how many friends you can refer.
To do this, simply go to https://www.cantabileschoolofmusic.com.au/referafriend/, fill in your friend’s details, and we will take care of the rest!

We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Easter!

See you back in Term 2!


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