About our Guitar Lessons

In our guitar lessons, beginner guitar students can expect to work on chords, simple songs and melodies, sight reading and theory. Our guitar teachers are specialised in teaching classical guitar, but can teach a range of styles and genres as well. We balance musicianship and fun by making sure that each guitar lesson you are challenged with a new technical or theory concept. We use a variety of guitar method books to accomplish this and encourage students to bring or speak with their teacher about favourite songs they wish to learn in their guitar lessons. 

Whether its classical or contemporary, if you want to take your guitar playing to the next level, we enrol our guitar students in AMEB  Please ask us if you’d like more information.

Guitar Lessons for Children or Beginners

Since one of the important factors of learning guitar is the physical strength of the hand compared to other instruments, a recommended age to start the guitar is around the age of 7. Please make sure the correct size guitar is used for you or your child. If there are any questions or concerns in regards to getting a guitar, please feel free to contact us for advice.


We currently offer Guitar Lessons only at our Glen Waverley campus