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June Newsletter 2018

Jazzin’ June!

Winter greetings from staff and teachers here at Cantabile School of Music. Hoping everyone is well and keeping warm as we approach the end of Term 2!

This term has been jam-packed with all sorts of exciting events. Congratulations to all our students for another successful term of music lessons. We are so proud of everyone who sat exams and performed in our recent Winter Concert.

This issue features updates, interviews with our teachers and the announcement of our Winter Concert Raffle!

Wishing everyone a great term break!

Welcome to our new students!

Our sincerest thank you and warmest welcome to the students who enrolled in the month of May:

Ao Wen M. (Piano)

Marcus L. (Viola)

Melanine L. (Viola)

Rachel C. (Violin)

Darsh G. (Violin)

Jennifer Y. (Piano)

Enoch N. (Cello)

Kayden N. (Cello)

Gautham K. (Piano)

Rishekh D. (MFT)

Robert A. (MFT)

Henry M. (MFT)

Stella G. (Violin)

Lasya K. (Violin)

Cindy T. (Violin)

Devika M. (Violin)

Alicia L. (Violin)

Kristen G. (Voice)

Danica L. (Flute)

Kassie T. (Piano)

Kriti B. (Piano)

Important Dates


Monday, 16th April 2018 – 

Friday, 29th June 2018


(8th Oct – 18th Nov):

Wednesday, 25th July 2018


Sunday, 15th July 2018


Monday, 16th July 2018 –

Friday, 21st September 2018


Well done to these students who were recently awarded their AMEB Examination certificates:

Nivedya B. – Preliminary (Violin)

Josiah C. – Preliminary (Violin)

Joshua J. – Preliminary (Piano)

Lilian M. – Grade 1 (Violin)

Jasmine L. – Grade 1 (Violin)

Alyssa T. – Grade 1 (Violin)

Nathanael – Grade 2 (Piano for Leisure)

Cameron J. – Grade 3 (Piano for Leisure)

A special mention to Josiah and Jasmine for being awarded a High Distinction in their exam!

Teacher Spotlight: Ziggy

Get to know some of our lovely teachers here at Cantabile!

Ziggy, Guitar

How long have you been playing the guitar and why did you pick it up?

I started playing guitar when I was 5 because my parents wanted me to learn an instrument. I kept playing because I found a lot of things I really liked about it.

What do you like the most about your instrument?

The aspect of the guitar that I like the most is wide range of different sounds it can make. It’s one of the few instruments that can change its timbres easily and frequently.

What do you like the most about teaching at Cantabile?

I like the organisation and diligence from the staff at Cantabile.

Quick advice for students:

Only practice on the days you eat


If you wish to register for an AMEB Examination this year, your last chance to register will be on the 25th July, 2018 for Metropolitan 5 (8th October to 19th November)

Please tell your teacher or speak to the Front Desk if you are ready to enrol for the AMEB Examination.

Cantabile School of Music

Winter Concert 2018



We also ran a trivia raffle competition during our recent Winter Concert – and had an incredible turnout. Students had to answer questions during the concert and submit their trivias in for a lucky draw!

Thank you so much to all our performers for participating. We had more than half of all our performers participate in the draw. We wish we could give every single one of you a prize, but for this round, our winners are:

Ruoting C. – DIY Drink Bottle (pink)

Aidan T. – DIY Drink Bottle (blue)

Alvin L. – Pie Face Game

Le Van B. – Time Zone Gift Card

Kayden N. – Razor Scooter


Mount Waverley Rotary Club

Village Market

The Mount Waverley Rotary Club runs a village market every 2nd Sunday of the month from 9am-2pm at Hamilton Place at the Mount Waverley Village Shopping Centre.

Students at our school have been invited to perform for at the market – if you are interested in playing music for the local community, please let your teacher or the front desk know. The next market after our school’s Winter Concert is on the 15th July 2018!

The outdoor market also features local stallholders, with lots of home-grown and hand-crafted goods – a perfect local location for a small day out with the family.

DATE: (2nd Sunday of Month): 15 JULY 2018





We recently had our annual Winter Concert on the 10th of June,

all the performances were amazing and we hope our students had a fun time performing their favourite pieces.

A huge thank you to all our volunteers, teachers and the hard work of the students and their families to make this concert a success. We look forward to more exciting performance opportunities in the future.

A special congratulations as well to our String Program students who made their inaugural debut at the concert. We are so proud of all of you!

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