Group Music Lessons provide a great setting for students to interact, observe and learn together with their peers under the instruction of a teacher. Through group or peer interaction, students learn to even teach each other as they can help one another in their musical learning. Group music lessons are recommended for students wanting to build up an interest for a certain instrument and to learn the fundamental basics to the technique and music theory relevant to the instrument.

Please note: Group Music Lesson tuition does not include the extra benefits Private Music Lesson tuition receives.


Cantabile Choir

  • This is a class set in a supportive and relaxed environment for students to come together to sing some wonderful repertoire. The choir will be suitable for all ages as well as all singing levels.
    (Please note: Cantabile Choir does not have the same lesson structure as group voice lessons)

Cantabile Ensemble

  • Playing in an ensemble is very different to playing solo. It requires a great deal of teamwork and skill to listen and collaborate with other musicians. Students can be put into duos, trios, quartets or a chamber group. Our ensembles will be suitable for all ages, but will require the student to passed a Grade 1 or equivalent on their instrument.

Group Music Theory

  • Music Theory is an important component to learning a musical instrument. It is also a prerequisite to doing certain grades for an instrumental examination. These group theory classes are mainly for students undertaking AMEB theory examinations Grades 1-5.